Am I supposed to want to live?

When every bit of my  heart feels sore
When life doesn’t seem worth fighting for
When I can’t see the light anymore
What am I supposed to do?

When I want to run away from my mind
When hope seems impossible to find
When I can’t remember life being kind
Who am I supposed to turn to?

When the translation of my cuts screams of my pain
This is pain to deep for tears to contain
It’s also to strong for words to explain
When I feel this pain will always remain?

When my life seems so worthless it’s just stopped to matter
When everything I do just seems to shatter
When I am writing my suicide letter
How am I supposed to sub stain?

When my inner eye keeps to see
Memories of people hitting, raping me
People I trusted deserting me
But it’s still me I can’t forgive

When I’m lost and don’t know how to be found
When I’m screaming but nobody hears the sound
When I’m falling, just waiting to hit the ground
How am I supposed to live?

When everyday I’m reminded of my fears
When my heart is daily pearsed
When I haven’t seen hope for years
Seriously, am I supposed to want to live?

© Fragile 2006

2 responses to “Am I supposed to want to live?

  1. Folk forventer det umulige til tider….

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