Translation of an arm

Begge er gamle, fra 2007 tipper jeg… Veldig simpelt, men sier hva jeg vil si..

Copywirte på begge, folkens!! :P

Translations of an arm

The wounds on my arm screams of my pain
The pain to deep for tears to contain
The pain to strong for words to explain
The scars from my war will always remain

The scars on my arm represent my fight
The days when victory seems out of sight
The times when I can’t see any light
I’m searching for dawn, but is living in the night

My arm tells the story of a tormented mind
I’m looking, searching for light I can’t find
I’m begging, pleading life to be kind
Walking here on my thin thin line

The pain is too much for me to bear
my thoughts are so consuming I can’t find air
I can’t find anyone to really care
The echo of my past is all i hear

Don’t look surprised, see as I see it
When you hate something, you want to destroy it
When the pain is to strong, you try to mend it
This emotional chaos, I need a break from it

So as I surrender to the knife,
My last words seems to fit
That bittersweet voice whispers;
Note to self;
It’s because you’re worth it!

© Fragile 2007


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