Monthly Archives: februar 2017


Hei alle mine kjære lesere. Lenge siden sist nå! Jeg håper på å få postet litt mer fremover. Starter med et dikt jeg skrev en tid tilbake.

I know you know it all
But still let me explain
There’s a reason why I’ve been hiding
Because I’ve been living in shame

I’m sorry i don’t look that good
That my heart is torn
But still I hope you understand
I’ve been alone since I was born


You’ll see I have my gards up
I’m suspicious all the time
But you see, I have lost so much
Of the things that should have been mine

Do you see the child that faces
Ridicule and hurtful words?
Being told they’re useless and not worth anything
Is all I’ve ever heard

I guess we may never understand
Why we go through so much pain,
All we can be sure of Lord,
Is your love remains the same


I ask all the time,
through tears the questions ‘Why’
And where was God in the middle of my life?
Did He ever hear my cry?

I’m sure it must have hurt you, Lord,
To see your child in pain
And to see them still dealing with
Others inflicted sins in vain


I try to believe you love me
But I do have a plea
Jesus, just please remember
He also said he loved me