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I know you know everything

But still, let me explain

Why I’ve been hiding

It’s because of all my shame


I’m sorry i don’t look so great

My heart is really torn

But still I hope you understand me

Cause I’ve been alone since I was born



You’ll see I have my gards up

I’m suspicious all the time

But you see, I have lost so much

Of the things that should have been mine


Do you see the child that faces

Ridicule and hurtful words?

Being told they’re useless and unworthy,

Is all that I have heard


Do you see the wounded spirit

Destroyed by someone’s lust?

Now finding it hard to live life,

Carrying the scars of a broken trust


I try to see you as my father

A safe place to come

But you see this is colored

By the father of my own


I often ask through anger and hurt

And through tears the questions ‘Why’

And where was God in the middel of my life?

Did He ever hear my cry?


And why, Lord, did you not respond

And stop the evil act

Did your heart break

when you saw your child attacked?


I’m sure it must have hurt you, Lord,

To see your child suffer

And to see them still dealing with

The inflicted sin of another


I try to believe you love me

But I do have a plea

Jesus, just please remember

My abuser also said he loved me