My Word of Words

This is my world of words, come, take my hand
I’ll show my perfect fantasyland
In my world of words, I can hide away
In my created world, I want to stay

In this place in my mind, is my fake reality
In my place I can make my wounds disappear completely
I want to make-believe that the pain isn’t real
I want to pretend that this isn’t really how I feel

I’m not really scared, I do want to live
I’m not at all broken, I have allot to give..?
I never cry at night, I’m always in control
I don’t spend my life trying to fill a hole
I don’t still see him in the shades
Or try to chase his memory with razorblades
I don’t blame my self for what he kept doing to me anymore
It doesn’t ever keep me vomiting on the bathroom-floor
I’m really quite normal, I’m perfectly sane
I certainly don’t need a knife to deal with my pain

I want to make-believe that this is who I am
And, you know, in my world of words, I really can!
I can pretend I’m happy being me
I can pretend my fears will never be
This world in my mind is a world without shades
A world with no need of fear, pain or razor blades

But my world of words will never be
It’s created only in my mind, you see
This happy girl only exist on paper, only in my mind
In the real world, happiness is harder to find
As I put down my pen, I leave my happy girl
She lies among my words, I have to go face the world

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